Movies  |    |  April 20, 2013

The Machine

Movie written and directed by Caradog James. In the midst of a cold war with China, computer scientist Toby Stephens created a self-aware, fully conscious cyborg for the Ministry Of Defence. Intended as a super-soldier, smooth blonde Machine turned out to be more human and moral than anyone expected. ‘I’m part of the new world,’ it impassively told its creator. ‘And you’re part of the old.’

Britain is in a Cold War with a new enemy, the Ministry of Defense is on the brink of developing a game-changing weapon. Lead scientist Vincent McCarthy provides the answer with his creation, ‘The Machine’- an android with unrivalled physical and processing skills. When a programming glitch causes an early prototype to destroy his lab, McCarthy enlists artificial intelligence expert Ava to help him harness the full potential of a truly conscious fighting machine.

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