Projects  |    |  March 1, 2019

CFP: NSF Program on Fairness in Artificial Intelligence in Collaboration with Amazon (FAI)

Call for Proposals for National Science Foundation Awards 19-571. Letter of Intent due May 10, 2019.

Synopsis of Program:

NSF has long supported transformative research in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The resulting innovations offer new levels of economic opportunity and growth, safety and security, and health and wellness. At the same time, broad acceptance of large-scale deployments of AI systems relies critically on their trustworthiness which, in turn, depends upon the collective ability to ensure, assess, and ultimately demonstrate the fairness, transparency, explainability, and accountability of such systems. Importantly, the beneficial effects of AI systems should be broadly available across all segments of society.

NSF and Amazon are partnering to jointly support computational research focused on fairness in AI, with the goal of contributing to trustworthy AI systems that are readily accepted and deployed to tackle grand challenges facing society. Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to transparency, explainability, accountability, potential adverse biases and effects, mitigation strategies, validation of fairness, and considerations of inclusivity. Funded projects will enable broadened acceptance of AI systems, helping the U.S. further capitalize on the potential of AI technologies. Although Amazon provides partial funding for this program, it will not play a role in the selection of proposals for award.

Advancing AI is a highly interdisciplinary endeavor drawing on fields such as computer science, information science, engineering, statistics, mathematics, cognitive science, and psychology. As such, NSF and Amazon expect these varied perspectives to be critical for the study of fairness in AI. NSF’s ability to bring together multiple scientific disciplines uniquely positions the agency in this collaboration, while building AI that is fair and unbiased is an important aspect of Amazon’s AI initiatives. This program supports the conduct of fundamental computer science research into theories, techniques, and methodologies that go well beyond today’s capabilities and are motivated by challenges and requirements in real systems.

Award Information

  • Anticipated Type of Award: Standard Grant or Continuing Grant
  • Estimated Number of Awards: 6 to 9
  • Award Size: $750,000 – up to a maximum of $1,250,000 for periods of up to 3 years.
  • Estimated program budget, number of awards and average award size/duration are subject to the availability of funds.
  • Anticipated Funding Amount: $7,600,000